Un-Official Guide to Fort Worth
By Casey Mack

Mad props go out to the Fort Worth Weekly in anticipation of this Sunday's 10th Annual Music Awards & their all day, FREE, SXSW-like music festival spread out across Fort Worth's West 7th St District.  

This event is one of the most fun days of the year in Fort Worth and is highly recommended for anyone who loves live music.  Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the FW Weekly staff, this event will be an annual thing for decades to come!

In today's FW Weekly, they released a killer article that talks about all of the bands nominated for an award!  



This article is a great resource for you to find new and interesting bands to start following around the local scene as well as to help choose which sets you will take in on Sunday.  

While it is quite impossible to be at every show at every venue, it was even more impossible for me, as the creator & concert editor of fortlive.com, to determine whom to go hear.  

After reading thousands upon thousands of local 817 band & fan facebook posts the past 6 months, as well as inputing thousands of concert dates into the database for every band and venue in town, interviewing almost every key local music industry-ite & and after studying & analyzing the lists of bands playing this Sunday at each venue, but most importantly keeping my girlfriend's tastebuds in mind, I figured I would start with these acts whom I feel represent a glimpse into the bright future of Fort Worth's live music scene.  

They arent the most popular or even the most buzzed about bands in town, but from my vantage point, they will be key players & future stars in our scene for years to come.

4pm - Poag Mahones - Doom Ghost
5pm - Magnolia Motor Lounge - Frisky Disco
6pm - Durty Crow - Madras
7pm - Lola's - Stella Rose
8pm - Freds - Cleanup
9pm - Durty Crow - Skeleton Coast
Afterparty - Magnolia Motor Lounge

As veterans of the Weekly Music Awards Festival, we all know shit happens and sometimes the trajectory of what venue you end up at changes. That inevitabily adds to the fun nature of this event!  So don't get stuck at one venue.  

Move around and check out acts you might not normally check out.  You never know when you'll find a diamond in the rough.


Here is this Sunday's Stage Lineups!  Make your itenerary and send it to us on Facebook!

Capital Bar
Telegraph Canyon - 9pm
Whiskey Folk Ramblers - 8pm
Luke Wade - 7pm
Tim Halperin - 6pm
Scott Copeland - 5pm
Brenna Manzare & Proper Husbands - 4pm

Freds Texas Cafe
Derek Larson & the Leavers - 9pm
Cleanup - 8pm
Sally Majestic - 7pm
My Wooden Leg - 6pm
Joshua Irwin - 5pm
Kevin Aldridge & the Appraisers - 4pm

Lola's Saloon
Burning Hotels - 9pm
Pinkish Black - 8pm
Stella Rose - 7pm
Hanna Barbarians - 6pm
The Phuss - 5pm
Apache 5 - 4pm

Magnolia Motor Lounge
Quaker City Nighthawks - 9pm
Holy Moly - 8pm
Will Callers - 7pm
Foxtrot Uniform - 6pm
Frisky Disco - 5pm
Rotten Roots - 4pm

The Grotto
KatsuK - 9pm
Alan - 8pm
The Cosmic Trigger - 7pm
Jefferson Colby - 6pm
Keegan McInroe - 5pm
Gonzo City - 4pm

The Pour House
Josh Weathers & the True Endeavors - 9pm
Gunga Galunga - 8pm
Pablo & the Hemphill 7 - 7pm
Dru B Shinin - 6pm
D-Snacks - 5pm
Kyeyote - 4pm

Durty Crow
Skeleton Coast - 9pm
Calhoun - 8pm
Secret Ghost Champion - 7pm
Madras - 6pm
Mills & Co - 5pm
We the Sea Lions - 4pm

Poag Mahones
War Party - 9pm
Beauxregard - 8pm
Vorvon - 7pm
The Pajammas - 6pm
Stoogeaphilia - 5pm
Doom Ghost - 4pm

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